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Artist Statement
"Four Seasons"
Winter: cold, icy, icicles and snow; cold air that freezes your teeth; light magically sparkling through ice covered plants; a kind of wonderland that seems almost frozen in time.

Spring: a burst of color and ornament, the trees filled with multitudes of flowers in every color; fresh gentle rains caressing the earth, encouraging her to blossom in the coming warmth.

Summer: Scirocco winds blowing over the sea, carrying tiny particles of the Sahara, swirling and twirling through the sun bleached sky and the hot, glassy sea.

Autumn: warm nights turn crisp; sun baked leaves drift to the earth; the first hints of brisk air, and the earthy scents of the forest in fall.

In this series, I have found inspiration in a theme that has inspired artists and composers throughout history. My move to Italy has made me keenly aware of the changes in season, and also the sensations unique to each one. This series is a work in progress, each piece carefully crafted by hand. They are meant to be dynamic pieces that can be worn in a number of ways, pieces that wrap the body and are a kind of envelope for the sensation of the season.>