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Artist Statement
"Blue Morpho"
Blue Morpho is a series intended to develop and explore the possibilities of a wonderful material called dichroic glass. This glass possesses a reflective quality very similar to that of the Blue Morpho butterflies, which reflect light at different wavelengths depending on the direction of the light, and angle of reflection. It is a mesmerizing quality that attracts attention, and is extremely beautiful.

The qualities of glass; transparency, reflection and refraction of light, even color, are what give it such a unique power to change the elements. Glass seems to be at the confines of liquid and light, between air and solid, it is not one thing or the other, but allows you to see all in a new light by changing light itself. The challenge of this work is maintaining this quality of liquid light and visual lightness, understanding the potential of a new material, and utilizing it to make pieces that draw in the attention of the viewer, like the Blue Morpho butterfly.>